Business Practice
We are committed to quality work, effectiveness and successful management of corporate investment portfolios and risks.

Honesty and Integrity.
We observe the highest standards of integrity, transparency and corporate governance in all Firm’s activities, always acting with honesty, in good faith, building trust in all business relationships, keeping promises, maintaining confidentiality, complying with applicable laws and regulations, upholding the highest standards of professionalism, and ensuring ethical handling of personal and professional conflicts of interests.

Fair Business Practices
We compete in fairness, respect our competitors and apply fair business practices.

Creativity & Teamwork
We promote creativity, cooperation, teamwork and innovation in all our activities, value flexibility and entrepreneurship.

Respect for Society and the Environment
We are committed to create value and protect the interests of our shareholders. We recognize our corporate responsibility to the Society, we consider the environmental and wider societal impact of our business decisions, striving beyond the minimum requirements of regulations and standards.